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 ​​​Super Kids at Aynesworth show Panther Pride!


Preparation-Be on time and ready to learn.

Responsibility-Be your best.

Integrity-Be honest and make good choices.

Dedication-Stick with it.

Effort-Never give up and do your best. 


Aynesworth’s Vision Statement​​

At Aynesworth Elementary we cultivate Academic and Socio-Emotional Achievement, by Any Means Necessary for all students.  We pledge to Teach, Encourage, and Connect with every​​ student.

Aynesworth Assertive Discipline Plan​


Step 1-Warning​


Step 2- Preferred/changed seating​


Step 3-Reflection Time/Detention ​


Steps 4 and 5 must be documented in ATLAS Mobile by the end of the day.​


Step 4-Contact Parent/Guardian​


Step 5-Office Referral

Suspendable Offences

  • Fighting (throwing punches, actual physical fight)​
  • Threatening (weapons/extreme bodily harm)​
  • Sexual harassment (touching or verbal)​
  • Dangerous Object (gun, knife, matches, sharp objects, drugs)​
  • Damaging school property (graffiti, vandalism)​
  • Imitation firearms​

​Cell Phones

  • Possession of Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Signaling Devices (Cell Phones are not allowed on Elementary School Campuses and if brought they are not to be used during school hours.)
  • Student Cell Phone Policy
  • Students that decide to bring a phone to school should be kept inside their backpacks at all times during their instructional day, 7:20-2:35 p.m.  ​
  • Consequences:  If students break the cell phone rule and for some reason they have their phones outside their backpacks.  ​
  • Verbal Warning​
  • Citation/Parent Signature​
  • Collect phone and keep inside the office until parent of guardian come to retrieve​
  • Cell phone will be no longer allowed

​Aynesworth ​Super Kid Criteria

  • Great Weekly Attendance​
  • On time For Class​
  • Classwork and Homework Completed and Turned in on Time​
  • Follow All Classroom and School Rules​
  • Prepared For Class​
  • No Office Referrals​

Monthly Kind Kid

  • Exhibit good character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, care, citizenship)​
  • Work extra hard (Student is working hard and putting forth their best effort.)​
  • Pay attention to class​
  • Positive attitude
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